Philanthropy & Community

For over half a century, we — our associates, the company, our foundation — have been promoting sustainable change by sharing what we know, volunteering our time and giving generously to the global communities we serve.



Established by New Balance owners Jim and Anne Davis in 1981, the New Balance Foundation has worked to develop relationships with organizations and initiatives that are helping build healthier, stronger communities – with a specific focus on the prevention of childhood obesity.

The foundation has grown considerably over the years, with our annual grants increasing from $30,000 in 1981 to $6.1 million in 2013 for a total of more than $60 million in grants to date. These grants help create high-impact, sustainable relationships aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles, children’s fitness and the overall improvement of the communities in which we live and work. To

aid our fight against childhood obesity, we use a holistic approach that includes investments in research, treatment and prevention. We work with organizations that engage children and their families through physical activity and nutrition education.

The New Balance Foundation will distribute approximately $6.6 million in 2014. Please visit to learn more.


Investing in Play

In November 2011, the New Balance Foundation announced a national relationship with Playworks, a national nonprofit organization that provides safe, healthy, and inclusive play to low-income schools. Dedicated full-time coaches organize recess, class game time, sports leagues, and a junior coach program. Playworks brought the power of play to more than 182,000 students in 23 cities across the U.S.

The Foundation’s more than $2 million investment helps drive advocacy, outreach, engagement and other initiatives that directly work to build the movement for play. The funding also

supports professional development initiatives for more than 300 Playworks coaches who serve low-income schools nationwide. A recent study found that Playworks results in less bullying, feeling safe at school, vigorous activity, and enhanced readiness to learn. New Balance associates have been trained by Playworks coaches and actively volunteer in public schools across the country.

Learn more about Playworks


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